About Quiet House & Suites

Tom and Cathy Tom & Cathy Scholl
Owners Tom & Cathy Scholl welcome you to their BEST WESTERN Quiet House & Suites located in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. The Scholl's developed the Quiet House concept over twenty years ago. Cathy has personally decorated all the unique rooms and lobby through her own interior design company. The Quiet Houses are actually a continuation of a family tradition. Tom's great grandfather opened the first Quiet House in downtown Milwaukee over 140 years ago in the 1860's! Enjoy your stay!

Doug Doug Henry
Doug Henry,CHA, is the Vice President of Operations for Q.H. Management, Inc. which is owned by Tom & Cathy Scholl along with the BEST WESTERN Quiet House & Suites. Doug has over 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry including over 14 years with the BEST WESTERN Quiet House & Suites and is the BEST WESTERN Governor for Southern Wisconsin. Doug recently served 10 years on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Hotel & Lodging Association. Doug also serves as the General Manager of the Dodgeville Quiet House